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10 Cybersecurity Tips For Your Business

1. Keep your devices and software up to date

Outdated applications and operating systems invite hackers to expose your system’s vulnerabilities.

2. Protect your network with anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall tools

Stop the hackers in their tracks from compromising your data by preventing the flow of malicious traffic onto your network.

3. Don’t get lazy with passwords

It’s all too easy to use familiar passwords, but to make it harder for the hackers, your passwords should never be duplicated and should always contain a mix of letters, numbers and symbols.  Never use personal, sensitive information and always remember to update your passwords on a regular basis.

4. Add another layer of security to login

Incorporate two-factor authentication into the mix which prompts a user to enter an additional form of identification, such as a unique number sent to the user’s mobile phone, in addition to a username and password.

5. Always suspect the unexpected

With a whopping 90% of ransomware attacks surfacing as a result of phishing scams, businesses must train their teams to become more astute and carefully consider the outcome of responding to a fraudulent email or another form of communication.

6. How visible are you on social media?

We’re not talking about the updates you write on your profiles, but what is hidden beneath the surface in your security settings. . .take some time to go through these and check the level of privacy on your accounts.

7. Always back up your data

How many times has your mobile phone died and you wish you had saved all your messages, photos and contact information? In business, it is paramount to be backing up your data – unfortunately many businesses realise this fact when it’s too late.

8. Encrypt your WiFi

If you operate a WiFi network ensure it is encrypted and remember to update the login on a regular basis.

9. Opt for a virtual private network

As and when you are accessing your files and applications over a public WiFi.

10. Take security seriously

For whatever concerns or issues you might have within your business IT, we strongly advise you to take the protection of your network seriously.  Many businesses have had to close as a result of a cyber-attack.  Pick up the phone today and let us help you lock down your systems to deter the criminals from hacking your business.

If you need information or assistance with any of the advice above please reach out to us, email or call 01302 732190.

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