5 Reasons to Renew Your IT Equipment

 In today’s modern environment, it is essential that the IT infrastructure of businesses are kept up-to-date – ageing IT equipment ultimately leads to an inflexible IT infrastructure.From productivity to increased security, updating your IT Infrastructure might be more cost effective than you think. Here are five important reasons to renew your IT Equipment:

1. Reduce downtime

Downtime is an undesirable factor that is almost inevitable in today’s technological world. Some incidents – such as external server maintenance – are unavoidable. Others, like the systematic failing of a decade-old computer, can be very easily prevented.

In fact, ageing IT equipment is the main reason for downtime in most businesses. Whether it’s a single machine or an entire network, downtime affects your whole business and ultimately results in lost revenue that may never be recovered.

2. Cost of maintaining old hardware

Hardware failure will, at best, result in downtime and at worst in to data loss, with potentially catastrophic results to the business.

Like any piece of equipment, IT hardware needs to be maintained in order to keep it working order and the older the hardware, the more often it needs to be looked at.

Old hardware often uses specialised parts and equipment which can be expensive to repair. A more cost-effective solution is to replace the old hardware with a modern equivalent.

3. Increase Productivity

As technology advances, it enables us to be more productive. Hardware is becoming increasingly powerful powerful by the day, allowing labour-saving processes such as multi-tasking achievable, even on low-end hardware.

Powerful hardware equals increased performance, which in turn enhances business’s productivity. Less time spent waiting for a program to load is more time spent on getting actual work done.

4. Benefits of modern technology

Not only have computers and other hardware become more powerful, they have become smaller too. Small spaces that was unable to accommodate large hardware can take advantage of the reduced footprint of modern devices.

The technology driving networking hardware has also made significant advancements – wireless networks have not only become faster, but more secure and can accommodate a larger number of simultaneous devices.

5. Compatibility

When installing new software on any system, the minimum system requirements must be met. Old hardware that does not meet these requirements will be unable to run the software and it goes without saying that businesses who are unable to install software essential to their day-to-day running will undoubtedly suffer.

Many software publishers also include recommended requirements for optimal performance, and not meeting these usually results in the software running poorly which directly affects productivity of the business.

A new piece of hardware might not be compatible with older hardware – always having up-to-date hardware and software increases security and future-proofs business IT infrastructure.

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