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Are you tired of the same old excuses when it comes to your IT?

TwentyFour IT is a Doncaster based company which offers a wide range of IT services and support your business needs.

Even if you have an in-house IT support team, outsourcing your IT can save you time and a lot of money. We offer value driven solutions for different industries, helping to improve service levels, reduce risk and ultimately provide a seamless user experience for you and your team.

We operate an honest and transparent service, with the ability to develop your IT systems which in turn will benefit you and your organisation.

No ones business is the same and neither is your IT.


  • Mike Smith, Company Director

    Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction are the driving forces at the heart of TwentyFour IT Services. Mike is instrumental in delivering strategic and operational decisions which benefit the company and in turn, our client base.

    Mike’s vision for the company and its employees is to continue a sustainable level of growth, whilst operating at the highest technical level, and promoting a culture of corporate and social responsibility.

    To contact Mike, please email

  • Tony Houlihan, Chief Technical Officer

    With a wealth of experience in the technical industry, Tony is active in overseeing the data, security and maintenance of the company network, along with the monitoring and management of our clients’ IT systems.

    Planning and assisting companies with their IT strategies is a key component of the role, along with helping to suggest the relevant steps to be taken in order for business systems to remain secure and compliant.

    To contact Tony, please email