Take into consideration these 5 useful hints and tips:

  • When the mercury rises, is your office prepared for the increase in temperature? Not only do warm office spaces create an uncomfortable working environment, but productivity tends to drop. Where it is financially viable, air conditioning is a well-received office benefit in warm weather, however try to cool the space with fans and where there is office equipment, avoid direct sunlight. Blinds and anti-glare screen covers can help tremendously if employees are affected by direct sunlight.
  • Increasingly warmer temperatures leaves employees thirsty. Ensure there is always access to cold drinking water.  Or how about invest in a cool water dispenser that is attached to your water supply – agencies can supply these for a small annual fee and a percentage of the cost goes to helping supply water in developing countries.
  • Relax the rules a little on dress code – in the warmer weather would it hurt to allow smart shorts and lose the tie – I’m pretty sure customers are feeling the heat as much as you! Unfortunately, employers cannot compromise on PPE. . .Instead, ensure staff are offered rest breaks and are well hydrated – particularly when working outside.
  • For employees operating heavy equipment and working outside, is there adequate shade? So many workers suffer heat stroke and sunburn whilst working onsite.  Advise the use of sunblock and wearing a hat to keep the sun off their heads.

Understand that your employees are ‘feeling the heat’.  Small gestures go a long way – buy your team a round of ice creams or get a small fridge and store cold drinks for employee use. 

However you manage your team, ensure the warm weather is not preventing them from doing their job and have taken all the necessary measures to remain cool and hydrated.