Benefits of using VoIP for Business

For modern businesses, reducing your operating costs and saving money is more important than ever and it can be difficult to balance budget with practicality. Phone and telecom systems are often complex and expensive, and costs only increase as the network grows. Call costs are also an issue – international calls are expensive and inter-office and calls to other sites add even more undesired costs.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a group of technologies that allows users to make voice calls over networks, including the Internet. Requiring little setup and even less maintenance and running costs, VoIP is a cost-effective method of providing communications within your business. Below are six reasons a VoIP system will benefit your business:

Quick Installation

VoIP systems can be installed quickly and easily and can utilise existing networks. This means that there is often no need to install new networking equipment, change existing wiring or have a dedicated analogue line. Existing phones can also be used with an adapter.

Cloud Based

Because VoIP is entirely cloud based, there is no maintenance or management of dedicated hardware such as a switchboard. This also allows for remote working, enabling users to work away from the office and gives businesses more flexibility to keep staff connected in a cost effective way.

Save Money on Calls

Calls using an analogue phone system can be expensive, especially when calling internationally. VoIP allows businesses to save money with cheaper calls (both local and long-distance) and free internal calls, even to another site or office on the same network.

Easily Expandable

There are no restrictions on the volume of lines and users on a VoIP system. Phones can be moved around with ease, and users can even use their laptop or desktop systems as ‘soft phones’.

Higher Level of Security

Calls can be screened, allowing you to filter out timewasters or forward inbound calls to a specific phone. Calls can also be easily recorded, helping with customer service training and skill development.

Collaboration and Connectivity

Conferencing and collaboration tools such as conferencing and video calls enables team members and employees to stay connected wherever they are.

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