Benefits of Wireless Networks

Networking is essential part of daily life and if something is doing its job well then it usually goes unnoticed. Wireless networking is the epitome of this saying – its very application is invisible by nature. The incredible benefits wireless networks provide can transform your business.

No messy wires

Living up to its namesake, wireless networks are exactly that – without wires. Besides the obvious benefit of having no wires to get tangled up in, not having to install miles of cable to connect workstations, servers and other devices together significantly reduces the initial installation cost of a network.

Network cables are installed in hard-to-reach or inaccessible areas, which could prove difficult if the cables need to be checked. As there are no cables to troubleshoot, repair or replace, the cost of maintaining wireless networks are often cheaper than their wired counterpart.

Easy to move around

It is extremely easy to relocate hardware that is connected to a wireless network. No wires mean workspaces and devices are not restricted by their network connectivity. If a desired location is out of range of the wireless network, additional hardware can be installed quickly and easily to increase the range.

Moving workspaces also allows team members to collaborate more effectively and provides the opportunity for businesses to offer hot-desk functionality.

Sharing files is also easier – rather than copy to a USB drive, just copy them straight to network attached storage.

Easier to expand

Expansion is not a problem when it comes to wireless networks. New devices can be added and old ones removed with ease, with some connections being as easy as pushing a single button.

For businesses with varying team sizes, wireless networks are ideal. Devices can be changed quickly with the constant change in workforce and with the phenomenon of ‘bring your own device’ becoming more popular, wireless networks make this practice even easier.

Provide access to visitors

Business with large numbers of transient visitors can provide internet and network access. For example, coffee shops, cafés and restaurants often offer free Wi-Fi access to their customers. Security needn’t be a worry – Businesses can offer internet access for visiting clients, enabling them to have more effective meetings, whilst locking off parts of the network.

Mobile Connectivity

Wireless networks provide connectivity for devices that would otherwise be unable to connect to wired networks, such as tablets and smartphones. These devices can greatly benefit certain industries – warehouse workers can use tablets to check and pick stock, and managers can perform audits quickly and efficiently.

Overall, wireless networks offer many benefits over their wired counterparts – scalability, productivity and versatility being major benefits and the reduced installation and maintenance costs allows them to be installed quickly and easily.

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