Business Continuity

We look at business continuity as a process of responces to specific events that have a potential to negatively impact the business.

It is therefore beneficial regardless of the size of your busiess to think about the key dependencies for it to continue to suceed by having answers to the following simple questions;

  • Can the business function with key staff absent for prolonged periods of time?
  • If there is a significant break in power supply can we maintain orders/productivity?
  • Are we in a flood risk area and what would be the impact to our business?
  • If there was a fire and premises were lost would we still be able to run our business how would we communicate this to customers?
  • What do we do if regular suppliers do not deliver or are effected by any of above impeding productivity?

The list seems endless and a bit frightening in its potential impact, but the impact would be far greater and more stressful if Contingency Plans are not in place. We cannot predict every threat to our businesses but by sensible, realistic safety nets we can emable are business to weather any storm.

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