Your Business Relies On The Security Of Your Network


Security of your network is an area which requires careful planning and ongoing reviews. It isn’t enough just to address your IT security once and then decide to address it once something affects your business systems. It could be too late…

On average, there are 74,000 new viruses created across the world every single day.

Business continuity plans should cater for short term, localised disasters power/service outages etc. to days long building wide problems or even to a permanent loss of a building.

Remember that a business continuity plan is not only there to protect your data, but your sites, and your employees.

Benefit from:

  • Compliance with data industry regulations
  • Systems restored within a set timeframe
  • Avoiding a financial strain due to downtime
  • Proactive reporting on the status of your data
  • Technical experts on hand 24/7

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