Are You Prepared For A Cyber Attack?


In the event that your business succumbs to internal/external threats, your hardware, software and sensitive data can suddenly be an easy target for data loss, cyber hacking or theft. It is important you can implement a ready contingency plan in the case of your IT infrastructure becoming at risk.

Disaster recovery plans should be detailed and ready to implement for any scenario. This could not only help you to save hundreds or thousands of pounds of equipment being broken into, but also ensure that your virtual assets are properly protected.

TwentyFour IT can assist you with the development of the right tools and procedures to help prevent an IT disaster.

More importantly, we can ensure that your disaster recovery plan is appropriate for your requirements.

Benefit from:

  • Disaster Recovery solutions for onsite and offsite systems
  • Accessible documentation to pinpoint issues
  • Proactive and realistic response times for DR scenarios
  • Early identification for potential issues
  • Staged scenarios to set your expectation on outcomes

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