Simple & Powerful Device Security


Encryption management is a vital task for your business. Endpoint encryption protects your data by rendering your data unreadable to unauthorised parties.

TwentyFour IT Services is partnered with a market leading endpoint encryption solution, which has the capacity to completely protect confidential company data.

The solution protects hardware, removable media, mobile devices and files.

Did you know? An infected USB memory caused the most dangerous security gap ever located on military computers.

You can rest assured that your devices are fully secured against potential security threats, such as viruses, malware and scams. The software proactively monitors for IT breaches and can identify the source of a threat by producing detailed audit reports on each device, user and sector of your organisation.

Benefit from:

  • Encryption of sensitive data in your files and devices
  • Control regarding the data available to users
  • Remote management of devices
  • Real-time auditing across all company devices
  • Meet compliance standards with complete audit trails

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