Cyber Safety is a Black Friday Blindspot for Online Shoppers

With millions of people all scouring the web in an effort to secure the best deals possible, there will be a high percentage who forget to consider their online safety.  Cyber thieves are ready and waiting, so what are you going to do to protect yourself?

Hackers will stop at nothing to access sensitive information about yourself and your financial data.  The internet is rife with scams and phishing emails leave individuals susceptible to becoming victims of fraud.  If you’re not sure of the recipient or content of an email, it is advised to not even open the email, as this could release a virus into your device, potentially causing a series of knock on complications.  The same can be applied for websites.  If you’re not sure about the look and feel of a website, always make sure to get an expert opinion on whether the site is safe to use.  In particular, where you may be entering financial data.

Further steps to take would be to ensure the device you are using has an up to date anti-virus / anti-spam level of software to prevent potential threats to your online security.  When it comes to sharing personal information and/or financial details, take the necessary steps to check the legitimacy of a transaction.

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