# Cyber Spring Clean

How is your business protecting itself? In today’s modern world cyber crime is fast becoming one of the most common crimes committed within the UK.  With a 1 in 2 chance that a small business will experience some form of cyber security breach, it is ever prevalent that measures are put in place to ensure they are protecting themselves.

The government have recently released a campaign called #CyberSpringClean to encourage small businesses to improve their cyber security. The government’s guide gives advice on how you can take small but effective steps to protect your business. With Cyber Attacks being big business within the UK, businesses need to be more proactive in protecting themselves “Action Fraud states that £34.6m was reported to have been stolen from victims between April and September 2018, a 24% increase on the previous six months

By following these simple steps businesses can help save themselves from becoming susceptible to these types of threats. An article by Hackmageddon states that in February 88.5% of attacks were motivated by crime. As you can see from the data on different attack techniques, there are many ways for your data to become compromised. The biggest technique was through malware on devices that equated to 37% of how attacks happened in February 2019.

This is a great campaign to get small businesses thinking about how they might be exposing themselves to cyber criminals. The government guide suggests these simple but effective tasks; which anyone can undertake; help businesses be proactive against any threats they may be susceptible too.

Source: Hackmageddon

By ensuring you are undertaking these simply processes you will be helping to safeguard your business from potential threats. You still need to have an effective IT plan and systems in place to ensure the security and safeguarding of your business. But ensuring you and your workplace are practising these tips can only strengthen yourself against these types of attacks.

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