Vulnerabilities hidden in your IT infrastructure and on your business IT network can lead to a breach affecting not only you, but your employees and your customers.

When these cyber attacks happen, response times and damage limitation is important to prevent further financial loss, a compromise on data and even uncertainty in business reputation.

No one business is immune from a data breach

Hackers have targeted and successfully compromised IT systems of national and global businesses, such as the NHS and British Airways. It must be understood by small to mid-size organisations that the threat of a security incident is inevitable if your network and your devices do not have the appropriate level of defense to help mitigate the chance of an attack.

It isn’t just your organisation’s network you should consider when taking into account your defense against hackers; printers, mobile phones…any end user device can easily be targeted and identified as a security risk.  In 2014 TalkTalk estimated the total cost of its data breach at £60 million, including the customer support and recovery costs, trading impact and loss of business.

How do you stop the leaks in your IT?

Before you consider how to protect your network, it is essential to identify what sensitive information your business uses, where it is stored and who has access to personal data.

Personal information including contact details, credit card details and customer data need to be stored and shared securely. If you’re concerned about the potential threats out there and how your business would react and what’s more recover from an attack, then we want to help you.

Unified Threat Mnagement with zero day response

UTM solutions offer a zero day response to threats on your IT. By the time you are even aware of a potential attack, the firewall has isolated the threat and removed it to a safe ‘sandbox’ area, without any disruption to your network or users.

TwentyFour highly advocate multiple security defenses. Anti virus and anti malware software etc. is effective, but if you want to completely cover your business against the evolving level of cyber attacks, then a combination of the latest security tools will certainly deter the hackers from attempting to get into your network and compromise your data.

Automated and secure backups

Our team are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to handling an organisation’s backup process. We set everything in place to ensure that no backups are missed and that if a backup fails, we receive instant notification so that our engineers can look into the reason why a particular backup has failed and the root cause of it.

Eliminate the stress and worry of not knowing where and how your data is stored in the event of an attack on your network. With ever changing data requirements and updates to compliance regulations, the requirement to respond effectively is key to every organisation.

Our backup services offer a strategic management of your company’s data, along with less disruption for your team and are designed to run unobtrusively in the background.

Our solutions offer complete integration with your IT network and a fast restoration and recovery time.

With an ever-expanding requirement for data security, the opportunity to properly protect your data and prevent loss of information should never be left to last minute.

‘Staging’ downtime

For businesses that genuinely want to understand the potential brevity of an attack on their network, our team have ‘staged’ attacks using penetration testing. This form of controlled attack determines the vulnerability of hardware and the potentially harmful traffic which can flow into your network.

Pen testing is used by organisations around the world to simulate a specific type of attack. This is probably the most accurate way to decide on how your business will respond, whilst taking into consideration the type of damage that could be done.

These simulations can also test your cloud based applications whilst putting your physical setup through various stress tests.

Server, desktop, laptop, mobile devices, WiFi, networks…we are here to help you protect and lock down your IT to deter the threats and educate your team on what to do.

Email to request a network and device security assessment. Don’t wait for an attack to happen – be proactive and secure your business.