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Tech Tip Tuesday – Don’t settle for substandard tech support!

Many businesses either have an internal IT team or hire an external company in the form of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to look after their IT needs. Outsourcing vital IT duties will give your IT department more time to focus on strategic business issues and should give you the reassurance that day-to-day IT infrastructure activities are being attended to. The question is, how well do managed service providers live up to the promise of a quality service offering. Many businesses are not happy with the service they receive from their IT team yet continue to struggle along with a mediocre level of service.

If your IT Team are not meeting their promised SLA’s and you are not happy with them – then why not make a change? If agreed SLA’s are not being met, then you should have no trouble exiting contracts. Unfortunately, many IT providers are mostly concerned with making a profit as opposed to offering excellent customer experience. Though if you are looking for the best service experience you have come to the right place.

Consider the following benefits of using an outsourced company such as TwentyFour IT….

  • Access to a team of qualified engineers to contact – day or night. Support packages are often available to cover 24/7/365, round the clock.

  • Most MSPs offer month-to-month contracts meaning if they don’t perform, it’s easy to change providers

  • You don’t have to worry about managing the IT team or making arrangements for annual leave etc as you would with an internal employee

  • They don’t take up a permanent place in your office

  • IT staff are freed up for business-critical initiatives. According to a research study paper sponsored by Dell, 71% of survey respondents view the ability to “free up internal IT staff to focus on core business instead of break/fix activities” as an important driver for managed services.

  • The business has more control over costs. Internal costings can be variable but with a contracted external service, it’s likely you pay the same fixed monthly fee

  • It is arguable less risky to outsource IT needs as who better to manage risks in terms of security and compliance than the experts? They are generally much better at risk avoidance and exposures.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider using us as your IT Team

  1. Around the clock status monitoring with excellent SLA’s
  2. Pro-active IT support
  3. All Service Desk calls answered within three rings
  4. 24/7 x 365-day support available
  5. Fully qualified Microsoft Certified Engineers
  6. Remote and onsite support
  7. Access to an extensive range of hardware and software deals you won’t get anywhere else
  8. Our team cover the UK and abroad so they can reach all business offices
  9. We care – our engineers have excellent customer service skills and know-how important our customers are.
  10. We do not oversell – EVER! If you don’t need it, we will not offer it to you. Each package is built for the customer based on their requirements.

Don’t just take it from us

Have a look at what our current customers have commented on our service over the last couple of months. All comments came with a customer satisfaction rating of 10/10:

“Superb service at a difficult time-well done everyone, thank you!” (April 2020)

“Instant answer of my phone call and problem resolved within 3 minutes! Well done Jamie!” (May 2020)

“I needed out of help support on a Bank Holiday and my IT problem was resolved within half an hour of raising the challenge. This is well within the one-hour SLA that you headline for your “out of normal working hours” service. Thank you!” (May 2020)

“Always efficient fast and friendly gets to the root of the issue 🤓” (June 2020)

If you would like to make the day to day running of your business smoother, why not talk to one of our friendly engineers who can give you free advice and offer bespoke quotes to match your business requirements. You can also email or call 01302 732190.

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