Don’t settle for substandard support!


Many businesses have either an internal IT Team or use an Outsourced company to look after their IT needs. Many businesses are also NOT HAPPY with the service they receive from their IT Team but yet still continue to struggle along with this level of service.

If your IT Team are not meeting their promised SLA’s and you are not happy with them – It’s TIME FOR CHANGE.

If you are in a contract and they are not meeting the agreed SLA’s you can terminate the contract as they are not meeting the agreed terms. If you have an internal IT person or team, you should consider the benefits of using an outsourced company….

  • You have a team of qualified engineers to call day or night
  • If they don’t perform, it’s easy to change
  • You don’t have to manage them or give annual leave etc like an employed person
  • They don’t take up a permenant place in your office
  • You don’t have to pay their tax or NI
  • You don’t have to supply them with equipment
  • You have access to buying discounts with an external company
  • You know you have expert qualified advice
Here are 10 reasons why you should consider using us as your IT Team:
  1. Excellent SLA’s
  2. Pro Active IT Support
  3. All Helpdesk calls answered within 3 rings
  4. 24/7 x 365 day support available
  5. Fully qualified Microsoft Certified Engineers
  6. Remote and Onsite Support
  7. Access to an extensive range of Hardware and Software deals
  8. We cover the UK and abroad so can cover all business offices
  9. We care – our engineers have excellent customer service skills and know how important our customers are.
  10. We don’t oversell – EVER! If you don’t need it, we will not sell you it.

If you would like to make the day to day running of your business smoother, why not talk to one of our friendly engineers who is able to give you free advice and offer bespoke quotes to match your business requirements.