Perform Your Free Internet Speed Test Today!!

Our speed test is a free tool which analyses your current internet connection. Whether you have a ADSL, fibre optic or a mobile broadband connection. Our test can measure how fast your connection is currently performing. We all know that an internet connection can go “up to” speeds of a certain level, but is it actually performing at this speed?¬†

Why You Need to Check Your Internet Speed?

A secure internet connection is vital for any business. With 90% of companies now on the cloud in some form, an internet connection is now an integral part of most business processes. Therefore a poor or unreliable connection can become harmful for your business daily operations. Performing simple tasks can take much longer and cause frustrations for business.

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How Fast is Your Internet Connection Actually Performing?

What Does my Speed Test Result Mean?

The below chart can give you a estimation of what speed your business may need ensure it is running at optimal level.

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