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Work anywhere with a hosted desktop infrastructure. Having a remote desktop services enable you flexibility with instant access to remote applications and data wherever you have an internet connection.

A hosted desktop gateway offers you the exact same experience as a normal desktop. However, your information and data are stored at a different location or in the “Cloud.”

With your data being stored elsewhere it allows you much more flexibility. This is because you don’t need an in-house server, which can bring a huge upfront expense. Also with a virtual server, your business can save on space which a physical in-house server can take up.

Your Applications and desktops are readily available for multiple users to work simultaneously on. Providing there is a reliable internet connection you are able to connect to the server from any location. This means you can work from anywhere, giving your business the flexibility to achieve its goals.

Benefit from…

When implementing a hosted desktop setup.  There is very little training required. Making this service extremely attractive, as it is easy to implement this across businesses varying in size and location.

Should your team require any training, we are more than happy to provide this. We can simply get a user to connect and walk through how to access the service.

Our system is constantly updated, with performance monitored day and night without fail. It doesn’t matter about what time your employees are working on the hosted desktop. Your connection will remain 24/7 allowing flexibility for your business.

With the benefit of being able to work simultaneously, the platform allows users to work and update documents in real-time. This also saves on the same version of documents being saved at different points, without being updated to the most recent version.

Users can work just as efficiently off the hosted applications, as if they were accessing their own files and applications from on their own device.

With hosted desktop nothing is stored locally on your machine. This greatly increases your level of protection by using a virtualised machine in case the device is ever stolen or damaged. A hosted desktop connection will allow you to log on to a different device to access your information provided you have your login credentials to connect to the host server.

A hosted desktop is designed to meet the current needs of your business. They are typically priced on a per user basis reducing the need for large capital expenditure. Benefit from a fixed monthly fee per user for all their licensing, support, backup and storage. Which can grow and shrink as your business requirements, meaning you can better forecast for the future.

We can sit down with you and demonstrate the savings you’re likely to make when moving to our hosted desktop platform. We can provide you with a breakdown on what you’re currently spending. Then show you the savings your business could save if you choose to migrate to our remote desktop services.

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