How does Wi-Fi in Hotels benefit guests?

 A 2014 survey by Motorola Solutions found that 73% of hotels strongly believe that free Wi-Fi increases bookings and almost half agree that guests will be put-off by a poor Wi-Fi experience. So why is it so essential that a hotel offers Wi-Fi, and more importantly, how does good Wi-Fi benefit guests that use it?

Good Wi-Fi is Safe and Secure

When allowing access to a Wi-Fi network, it is important to offer a secure connection so that the user can not only feel safe but is actually safe. Business travellers have different requirements to leisure guests, often choosing where to stay based on the services provided by a hotel. The use of VoIP services, video conferencing and the use of VPNs put heavy demands on a wireless network, both in capacity and security, and a hotel that offers one that can reliably cope with these needs will be held in high regard.

Keeping people connected

Research by Twitter found that 75% of Britons use the service while they’re on holiday. This shows that users want to remain connected, both for business and social use with further research showing that one of the biggest stress-factors for business guests is the lack of an internet connection. Providing a robust, secure and fast wireless networking solution in a hotel, guests can remain in-touch with family, friends and work colleagues, resulting in a more enjoyable – and more importantly, stress-free – stay.

“Smart” features in rooms

As we delve deeper and deeper into the “Internet of Things” –  embedded devices that connect to the internet – guests and staff are becoming more accustomed to being able to do more with their smartphones and tablets. These “things” can range from altering the heating and lighting systems in a room, to automatically running a bath at the perfect temperature from the comfort of a bed. Wi-Fi for hotels allows these features and more with a near infinite number of uses that can make guest’s stays even more enjoyable.

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