How To Protect IT Equipment From Dropping Temperatures…

As a rough guide to your engineers working onsite and staff in your offices, we recommend you take note of the following advice, to help you protect your IT network and devices from the bitter cold.

1 Don’t expose your devices to the snow or ice. 

Freezing temperatures can affect the internal components, so try to avoid using your laptop or handset in locations where the cold is prominent.

2 Engineers – Never leave your gadgets in your vehicle.  

Any device with a hard drive can be ruined from the freezing temperatures and your data could be lost.

3 Using electronic devices in areas of your business, such as warehouses and out buildings can lead to permanent damage.

Items with liquid displays can freeze and can be permanently damaged if they are not allowed to naturally warm up before being powered on.

4 Fluctuations in power are more prominent in the winter and the results for some businesses, can be catastrophic. 

Use a surge protector to help protect your devices and opt for a backup unit to help restore power.

5 Ensure your company data is secure and backed up.

If you don’t have a reliable disaster recovery solution in place, call the team on 01302 732190 and get your data protected now.

As a general guide to all businesses, make sure your team are warm and equipped well for the weather.

If you’re in the area, drop into our offices and we’ll make sure a hot cup of tea has your name on it!