How Wireless Networks Can Help Retail Businesses

Time is money in business, and saving both is especially important for retail businesses. Wireless network installations are a powerful and effective solution that can help retail businesses in a wide variety of ways:

Work More Effectively

In-store Wi-Fi can be used by employees to perform their duties, without the restrictions of being tied to a wired terminal. This flexibility enables staff to work wherever they need, such as moving between the shop floor and stockroom seamlessly.

Connecting stock management systems and tablet devices enables staff members to keep track of stock, which in turn allows them to provide accurate information to customers quickly and efficiently.

Tablets can also be used as a roaming POS, giving employees the ability to process payments from the shop floor. This feature can be especially useful during busy periods by helping to reduce queue times, massively improving the customer experience.

Connected Customers

Using wireless networks to improve productivity is a very strong reason for installing a retail Wi-Fi network, however also allowing shoppers access to an in store wireless network can do so much more than just provide internet access.

A wealth of metrics and user data can be collected which can be used to measure footfall, acquisition and commitment rates, helping to identify loyal and returning customers as well as those who are just there to “window shop”. This data can then be applied to create and drive targeted advertising campaigns.

Customer’s shopping experience can be enhanced with interactive displays and kiosks, allowing customers to view special offers, stock levels and the location of products on the shop floor, giving them the ability to be self-reliant with the minimum of assistance from staff.

Secure Guests

After employees and customers, there is a potential third type of user that benefit from offering wireless network access. Visitors to the business such as contractors may require a network connection and with a secure network, they can be offered this access without worry that they will have access to retail or customer data.

Whether it’s engaging your customers and enhancing their shopping experience, or improving the productivity of your team’s workflow, Wi-Fi for retail has a wide variety of uses that serve to improve the effectiveness of a retail environment.

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