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Leased Lines

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Is Your Internet Speed Slowing Down Your Business?

Using a normal broadband service for your current business needs maybe affecting how your business performs. Whether you are working with large files, connecting to remote offices/data centres, or even just for general Internet access and leased line may help your business.

A leased line provides you with a dedicated internet connection with a fixed bandwidth and guaranteed fix times on an uncontended connection. Therefore offering an identical upload and download speeds which unlike traditional broadband services is not affected by others.

Benefit from…

With a normal broadband services everyone is using the same line between your local box in the BT exchange meaning at peak times your internet speed can slowdown. With a leased line you are on a dedicated line, with only you and your local exchange meaning optimum speeds no matter the time of day.

Being on your own dedicated line means you are less vulnerable to hacking and data breaches.

Leased lines are connected using higher-grade hardware making them more durable therefore they are less likely to break. Using fibre-optic cables, makes it so much stronger than usual broadband. Meaning you aren’t as prone to electrical interference, meaning data can be transmitted at a faster rate.

Internet up time is essential for any business. Losing your connection for just a few minutes can cause huge ramification for a business. If there are any issues they will be fixed within 4 hours which is much faster than traditional consumer broadband.

In today’s modern world many businesses require their employee to work from home as well in the office. A leased line gives your business the flexibility to do this.

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