Is Your Hardware up for Renewal?

The cost of IT can sometimes make you wonder is it worth it? When it comes to purchasing your IT hardware, it is important you choose the correct specification for your requirements.

A PC looks pretty simple at face value, but do you really understand the mechanics and what would work best for your business operations.  Have you considered how much ram you require; would you benefit from an SSD drive; what operating system will you require; how many applications wil be used on the device; does your computer require the equipment for heavy programmes; such as CAD or Sage, how much storage will you need on the laptop; does the laptop require a dock and/or any other accessories etc? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when taking into consideration what type of device you need.  Would you feel 100% comfortable doing this?

Not The Right Fit

Quite often is the case that we hear from businesses who have ordered hardware themselves, because they have found it online at a much cheaper price, however once they have received it, have found it is not fit for purpose; causing unnecessary downtime; the hassle of having to purchase replacement hardware and a team of frustrated staff.

Get It Right The First Time

Whether it is a a simple upgrade to your current PC you are looking for, or a complete replacement of your server equipment, we have a team of technically experienced, highly knowledgeable IT professionals who will discuss exactly what you require, give the reasons why and are more than happy to provide you with a 30 day no obligation quote.  How about that for service?

Every purchase is guranteed to be the right product for the job, and comes with a full warranty, including techncial support and guidance direct from our team.  We are even more than happy to configure and install your items for you at your business address, to gurantee you’re up and running in the fastest turnaround possible.

Email or call 01302 732190 to speak about how we can help you.