Cloud Solutions

Could you benefit from a managed hosted solution?

The solutions we offer are entirely flexible and we help you to manage the migration process from start to finish.

Hosted services offer the capacity to grow your IT without having to compromise on your data security and are becoming increasingly popular among many businesses and many of our customers have already migrated their entire services to our hosted platform.

This has not only reduced the need to procure physical hardware, but with no requirement for on-site servers etc. has increased data security, for complete peace of mind.

Cloud solutions

Where business services are migrated to a remote environment, we will always undertake a full assessment of your organisation’s suitability to the platform. There is sometimes a necessity to have equipment onsite, however our team are experienced enough to inform you of the various benefits and capabilities a remote system can offer.

Ultimately, we help you to operate using an external data centre. This option is proving a success for many business as our team manage and oversee the entire infrastructure from running the operating system to maintaining regular system updates – all you have to do is log onto your device and access the software.

Peace of mind

With a minimal requirement for onsite equipment, cloud based solutions are another effective form of data security to protect your IT infrastructure from any onsite risks or theft.

We have invested thousands of pounds into ensuring our hosted solutions deliver on security and productivity.

Complete integration

We can easily help you with ensuring that your files, applications and data are all accessible. Cloud computing offers a whole host of different setups. If you’re unsure about whether a hosted solution would fit in with how your business works, then we are the team to speak to you and we can easily put your mind to rest.

It’s understandable that it can be daunting to think about moving your entire IT estate away from physical hardware, however we can assure you that if we believe this option is a viable and cost effective option for you then we will do our absolute best to support you and answer any questions you might have.

Benefit from:

  • Reduced in-house IT costs   
  • Increased security for your files and applications   
  • Flexible solutions to work seamlessly with your programmes   
  • Office 365 Integration for all users  
  • The capability to tailor your hosted environment


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