Remote Desktop Services

Work anywhere with a virtual desktop infrastructure

Remote desktop services enable flexibility with instant access to remote applications and data

Formally known as terminal services, a remote desktop gateway offers multiple users to work without limitation and having to remain in the confines of a single office environment.

Applications and desktops are readily available for your team to work on simultaneously, provided there is a reliable WiFi connection to be able to connect to the server.

Remote desktop services or RDS as it is more commonly abbreviated to has proven to dramatically reduce the cost of desktops which need to store a large amount of data. With RDS, many businesses have chosen thin clients which reduces on space as well as cost.

Easy to adopt

When implementing a remote desktop setup, there is very little training required which makes this service extremely attractive as it is easy to roll out across businesses varying in size and location. Should your team require training, we are more than happy to get a user to connect and walk through how to access the service.

Minimal downtime

Our system is continually updated and performance is monitored day and night without fail. It doesn’t matter about what time your employees are working on the RDS, your connection will remain intact for increased productivity.


With the benefit of being able to work simultaneously, the platform allows users to work and update documents in real-time. This also saves on the same version of documents being saved at different points, without being updated to the most recent version.

Users can work just as efficiently as they would if they were accessing their own files and applications as if they were installed on their own device.


With RDS nothing is stored locally on your machine. This greatly increases your level of protection by using a virtualised machine in case the device is ever stolen or damaged. A Remote desktop connection will allow you to log on to a different device to access your information provided you have your login credentials to connect to the host server.

Cost savings

Depending on what you are looking for, we are happy to sit down with you and demonstrate the savings you’re likely to make when moving to our RDS platform. We would be happy to provide you with a breakdown on what you;re currently spending and how much you could save if you choose to migrate to our remote desktop services.

Benefit from:

  • Reduced in-house IT costs   
  • Fully compatible with your files, documents and applications   
  • Integrates well with modern working environments  
  • Simple and easy to use, even for beginner users  
  • Guaranteed uptime and monitoring
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