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IT Network Installations

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Our team of trusted network engineers have over 10 years’ experience installing and configuring an IT setup which delivers results for your business.

Whether it’s hardware or a network installation solution you are looking for. We can help you decide on the best, most cost-effective option. There are many factors our engineers will take into consideration, especially if you are building or upgrading a new physical location for your network.

Benefit from

  • Experienced, trusted onsite engineers to carry out your IT installation
  • Receive honest, useful advice from industry professionals
  • Trust in the knowledge that you are covered under our guarantee should you have any concerns
  • Professional installation from start to finish, with as little disruption to your business as possible
  • Complete report of work undertaken

Services We Offer

Our designers and installers create and build networks. Both physical and virtual to not only fit in with your business. But to also meet the relevant requirements. We want to ensure that what we put in place for you is not only scalable, but can be removed or upgraded with minimal disturbance to your setup and existing network.

Cabling can be a nightmare for many businesses, particularly, where a server is located and the addition of new equipment. This can lead to increasingly more cables and connections scattered around your offices. Our installation team are highly experienced in

  • Organising and re-routing cables whilst making sure that visually, your network is correctly configured from each point to point.
  • Install and relocate wireless access points for improved signal reach.
  • Run Ethernet and fibre optic cabling.
  • Reconfigure a wireless network or upgrade existing network solutions to increase the speed and transfer of data.

No matter what the size or requirement of your IT network installation, we have the resources, knowledge and experience, to vastly improve your current network setup, or to plan and execute an entirely new installation.

From securing the hardware to setting up applications, to installing the cabling and laying out the network, we can help you achieve what you’re looking to get out of your IT projects.

Our onsite engineers have had a wealth of experience installing and upgrading networks for multiple clients across a wide variety of locations and industry.

You will benefit from a network that is built to last and all work comes with our guarantee. Should you experience any ‘teething’ issues, or you have any concerns, a member of our team will be more than happy to resolve these.

A messy data cabinet can become a serious issue within your business. Not only is it a health and safety issue but you also run the risk of having a unreliable, crowded data cabinet. This can also lead to unforeseen downtime which no business wants. Having a well-kept tidy cabinet will ensure it is easy to run and in the case of a problem arising one of our engineers will be able to quickly trace the cables to easily ensure the problem is fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our highly skilled engineers can reorganise, tidy and repatch your system to ensure you are getting the maximum performance out of your network.

  • Untangle and unravel years of cabling abuse
  • Removing all patch cables
  • They will ensure cables are the correct length and input a colour coded system to help management of your systems in help manage the system in the future.
  • Our team is fully flexible and can perform this out of business hours to ensure we don’t interrupt your working environment.

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