Looking to protect your data?

There are multiple ways to protect your IT hardware.  Equipment such as servers and network switches should be stored in rack mount cabinets.  These can be locked and bolted to the floor, making it extremely difficult for the unit to be removed in situ.  Access to these areas should be limited to authorised personnel only.  Security cameras are an extra layer of protection to monitor the environment and record any suspicious activity.

What do you do for smaller items?

Laptops and portable devices are easier to remove, regardless of their location.  End user devices can be secured using specific cable locks, however, without being stored in a locked room or a cage, the data on these devices is still at risk.  There are a number of options to protect your sensitive information, including encryption, even biometric scanning.

But how do you protect something intangible?

Virtualised Recovery

Once your device is stolen, the hardware along with all your data, is open for access.  It is so important that data stored on your devices is protected and backed up to a professional standard.  It is also recommended that backups are stored away from site, which adds another level of security.  A truly reliable backup solution allows for a virtualisation of your device, so you can still gain access to your data.

How do you currently back up your data?

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