Service Desk

A single point of contact for all your IT needs.

Whatever the requirement, pick up the phone and a member of our experienced service delivery team will be on hand to offer instant technical support.

You have enough to contend with when getting on trying to run your business. IT does not have to be another headache to add into the mix. We use the latest and most effective service desk software which is aligned with service level agreements, to ensure you receive the right level of response as soon as you submit a support ticket.

Ticketing software to address all your needs

Proactive maintenance of your systems is crucial. That is why our service management software is equipped with the ability to address routine tasks, such as up time monitoring and status reporting. Incidents and service requests are all logged and are responded to in line with industry standard Service Level Agreement response times. The desk ticketing software used categorises the immediacy of an incident or threat and proactively alerts our team to the issue.

Real-time monitoring and complete audit trails allows us to help you resolve your issues in a timely and efficient manner. You will always receive an update of work undertaken and whether the support request or issue has been thoroughly resolved.

Proactive incident management

We understand that your organisation will accumulate an extremely large number of service support requests and we have the capacity to log and retrieve details on every support issue via our impressive ticket management system. Many service desks and help desks will offer support, however our team retain a complete audit trail, including asset management, which helps us to help you keep track of the items associated with your business.

Many of our customers request a weekly or monthly report of tickets that have been submitted and this allows you to view in detail the types of tickets which have been submitted, the resolutions and duration spent on an issue, requests where the issues were escalated and much more fine-tuned information which will not only help you to visually understand how we are taking care of you on our end, but also what steps we have advised to take in order to streamline processes and help your team get the must from their current setup.

Even if you request further reporting, we have the tools to accommodate for all your needs and present them in a clear and presentable manner to send round your team or to present to a board of directors.

Aligned with business processes

Regardless of whether you have an in-house support team or you choose to use us as your team of IT professional to turn to, it is important that the support you receive fits with your business needs and processes. Your IT data is securely stored in our infrastructure library, along with the relevant administrative rights and user access.

Customer service at its best

When it comes to your IT we know that communication is key. Whether you choose to submit a support request via phone or through email, we will always respond to you. Our team will always acknowledge your request and the ticket will be passed to the best suited team member to respond to your need.

The support team consists of first, second and third line engineers, including technical sales support.

First line engineers are pretty much that – your first port of call for everyday user issues e.g. new user setup, reset password, computer running slow, run Windows update etc.

Second line engineers provide support for first line and will also deal with new hardware setups, running updates, restoring backups, assist with onsite IT requirements.

Third line engineers offer the highest level of technical support, having experience with network downtime, power outages, server failures. These engineers deal with problem management and were incidents are escalated this team will either work on the issue remotely or attend site to propose the best course of action.

This clear level of hierarchy allows for any business’ support request to be appropriately dealt with by the right level of engineer.

Operating in compliance

Your network is in safe hands and managed in accordance with the relevant policies and UK regulations. There are many alternative ticketing systems out there, however we ran extensive tests to ensure our system worked for our customers and their businesses, whilst providing the right level of security and adhered to UK industry compliance standards.

Benefit from:

  • Around the clock status monitoring
  • Available patch management and upgrades as required
  • Eliminate the requirement for ‘manned’ support
  • Remote and onsite equipment maintenance
  • Less dependency on internal resources
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