Network Audit

Optimise your IT infrastructure with a comprehensive network assessment.

Network performance can fluctuate and there can be untraceable threats lurking on your network.

We perform network audits to expose potential weaknesses and identify any loopholes or areas for concern. You will receive a fully detailed report, highlighting the current status of your network and identifying what measures should be taken to secure and safeguard your network and the data stored.

The size of your organisation does not matter, as we have experience evaluating networks of small businesses to businesses that have bases across several locations and different regions. The process of auditing a network is scale-able for us and delivers the same, consistent results regardless of your company size and location.

Network security

Security is a key priority of ours on an audit, whatever the size of your network. Flaws in your security can be overlooked, particularly if you don’t understand the potential risk. Any major threats which are identified will be isolated where possible and you will be advised by an experienced engineer exactly what steps need to be taken to remedy the fault. Further recommendations will be made with regards to your security, e.g. server/hardware upgrades, operating system upgrades, data storage, backups, disaster recovery, WiFi, telephony etc.

Should there be any existing security measures already in place, our engineers will test them to determine the robustness and level of response to varying modern day cyber threats, including potentially harmful threats that can arise as a result of lack of user education.

Data security

Are you confident that your data passes securely over your network? Cyber criminals love to exploit weaknesses on a business’ network infrastructure and wreak havoc on network devices. Plus, once your network has become compromised, it is imperative that your data is stored and protected from being used by these thieves, who once they have your data will stop at nothing to use your sensitive information for their own gains and even sell it on the dark web for other cyber criminals to use for purchasing goods etc.

We will help you assess just how secure your data is, where it is stored, what backups are taken and how, and what administrative rights users have to access sensitive data. Since the introduction of the GDPR, it is your responsibility as a business to ensure your employees’ and your customers’ data is stored and shared in line with the regulations. If you are not meeting these requirements, your organisation could face a very hefty fine and risk the loss of reputation.

Comprehensive reporting

An audit is conducted by one of our highly experienced third line engineer’s who have the knowledge and insight to best advise on the right course of action and to produce a report which will clearly explain how your network is performing and what necessary steps should be taken.

As the audit is conducted on your site premises, sometimes the report will be sent through to you a day or two later to ensure that all the areas of your network have been thoroughly addressed and reported on, to give you a clear overview and status of the network.

The final audit report will be presented to you, along with our expert’s findings and recommendations in an easy to understand PDF document, which can be presented to any decision makers for review.

Benefit from:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your current network status
  • Tests to identify delays on the network and potential bottlenecks
  • Configuration checks on all hardware and software
  • A full report to highlight issues and recommend improvements
  • GDPR and compliance guidelines for your IT system.
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