Monday IT Myth Debunked: Macs do not get viruses


Apple Macs may be the number one choice for many businesses and home users.  However these machines are just as much at risk from viruses as their counterpart, Windows.

An Open Invitation for Hackers

After all, a virus is a programme or peice of code which is uploaded onto a computer without your approval.  All viruses are man-made and vary in how much damage they can cause.  Some viruses have been known to affect whole organisations.

Currently a Mac’s operating system is not susceptible to the number of computer viruses affecting Windows devices.

Arm Yourself With Anti-Virus

All computers were and are built and designed to install and run programmes.  At present there are no computers that are able to block every type of virus.  The best way to safeguard yourself and your company against the many types of viruses which are out there, is to invest in a legitimate and secure anti-virus.

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