Project Description

Arevon Energy, based in Warrington harvest gas emissions from over 40 landfill sites in both the United Kingdom and United States and is a market leader in providing clean energy throughout these markets.


Twenty Four IT have provided IT Support to Arevon Energy for over 5 years, during which the company has grown in size from a few sites to over 30, located throughout the UK.

All of these sites needed to be managed from their Head Office in Warrington, with the power stations located at each site requiring full and instant remote control over the operations at each station.

In addition to their sites in the UK, Arevon Energy acquired a similar business in the United States consisting of 12 additional landfill sites which needed to be integrated into the UK network infrastructure.


It was necessary to begin with an overhaul of the entire networking infrastructure, building a central server in the UK to communicate with all sites and to prepare for the integration with the network overseas.

Once the server installation had been completed, a visit was made to the sites in the US to both finalise the network integration and to migrate the existing American payroll software to its British equivalent, to be administered from Arevon’s head office.


The overall result of the project saw the creation of a network that allows for seamless working between multiple sites both nationally and internationally.

Arevon Energy can now connect to machines all over their network and use them as though they were located in the same office and the centralised payroll system allows for all payroll functions to be performed from head office without worry.