Proactive IT Support and what it means for your Business

As more businesses become reliant on IT systems for their everyday running, having an IT engineer on-call is essential. However, whether it’s employing a dedicated team or outsourcing to a professional support company, hourly rates for IT support are unsustainable for small businesses and are not cost-effective for large ones.

IT Support at a Sensible Cost

When everything seems to be running fine and with the potential cost of hourly fees, the maintenance needed to keep IT systems in working order is often delayed, resulting in even larger call-out fees if something does go wrong.

Proactive IT support is about ensuring your IT systems are running at their optimal efficiency and preventing any downtime.

Problems fixed sooner rather than later

The saying ‘prevention is better than the cure’ is extremely relevant with IT systems – the diagnosis of an underlying issue and its subsequent repair results in far less downtime than if the problem had been left to develop.

The odd backup might fail to run or lapsed anti-virus update could result in a system being silently compromised. Proactive IT Support allows for issues to be identified and repaired before they become a problem by way of a comprehensive suite of monitoring tools.

Peace of Mind

Besides improved reliability and productivity, Proactive IT Support gives you the peace of mind that if anything does go wrong, engineers are well on their way to fixing it before you have even picked up the phone.

If you value the productivity of your business and want to reduce the risk an IT system failure will have on your business, contact a professional Proactive IT Support team today.