Remote IT Support – 5 Ways This Can Benefit Your Business

This level of support is beneficial and scalable for small business operations along with organisations that have multiple departments and IT teams.

Remote IT support offers a highly effective and efficient method to support your business regardless of size and location. The main 5 benefits include:

Unlimited phone and email support

Our team are on the other end of the phone to answer and resolve your IT service requests. By using the latest service desk software, we are equipped to offer a highly successful first contact resolution. Incoming emails are received and appointed to the most relevant engineer. All communications are archived to ensure a complete audit of calls logged, resolutions and network monitoring reports.

On demand technical service

With our experienced team of remote and onsite engineers, you can rest assured that the advice and support we give you is based upon our knowledge and technical awareness.

In the event that a call must be escalated, the team operate a clear hierarchical structure which consists of first, second and third line engineers. The operations are overseen by the team’s Chief Technical Officer, who is available to respond to calls where necessary.

Dedicated out of hours support

Every business has it’s normal operating hours, however we understand that your IT does not adhere to this. In the event that you need our assistance at 3am or 3pm, you don’t have to change what you do. When you call our office number and select the support option, you will be directed to an engineer who will be able to respond to your request.

Depending on the scale of the issue, our team are always prepared to travel to site should an issue not be possible to be resolved remotely.

Around the clock IT infrastructure maintenance

Following an audit of your IT infrastructure and setup, we can easily gain remote access to your devices and applications. This allows us to proactively monitor and maintain your systems. Patching, updates, potential issues etc. are all included in your monthly support package.

Cost effective

When you decide to choose our remote IT support package, we base your cost of support on the number of users and devices you wish to be managed. Our pricing and remote IT support services are extremely competitive. The number of customers that we have is testament to the proactive level of service we provide and the fast response time to IT issues.

Whether you choose to adopt us as your own IT department, or you wish to consider us an extension of your existing IT team, we are always more than happy to help.

Email to discuss your requirements today.