“Skimming” – an e-commerce nightmare

Nowadays, cyber criminals are managing to exploit weaknesses in website code which makes it nigh undetectable for businesses to identify the threats lurking online.

Once an individual’s card details and other sensitive information has been compromised, the data is free to use for fraudulent activity.

One way to help combat the risk of falling victim to these types of attacks would be to only use trusted payment providers e.g. PayPal.   Many major gateways encrypt your information which makes it harder for data to be stolen.

The most recent high-profile breach of this kind resulted in 380,000 sets of sensitive customer data being leaked.  The attack was so successful because of the targeted coding and false sense of security.

Keep systems up to date to help deter the criminals

Many businesses and customers alike can take payment submission forms at face value, believing that they are completely secure and data cannot be stolen.

What is important as a business is to make sure your operating systems are up to date and where necessary, the relevant upgrades are made to help detect and manage these types of threats on your network.

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