The Next Threat: Extortionware

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Far from a scare tactic

The recent ransomware attacks that have flooded some of the major players in their industries has resulted in over half of these feeling they have no other option than to pay for access to their files.  One hospital admitted to paying $17,000 to access patient files which had been encrypted by the virus.

The weak spot

As alarming as this is, many organisations fail to understand the real importance of having an up to date, proactive data security system in place, which prevents your network from being open to hacking and cyber threats.


As with anything, these threats will continue to evolve, posing greater threats and a greater security risk to your business and your customers.  The general consensus among IT security experts is that the next level of ransomware will publicly expose your personal data until a ransom has been settled.

The knock-on effects as a result of a cyber attack on this scale would not only be highly damaging to a company’s reputation but could also affect trading.

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