Too Hot To Work? Spare A Thought For Your IT Equipment…

Follow these simple steps to improve the life of your equipment:
  • Turn off unnecessary lighting. Not only does this help to keep an office cooler, it also reduces energy costs.
  • Turn off equipment that is not being used. Computers, scanners, copiers and the like all generate heat. If they are not in use, turn them off.
  • Use a laptop cooling stand. If you work on a laptop for lengthy periods of time, you can prevent your laptop and yourself from overheating with a cooling stand that promotes airflow and reduces heat build-up.
  • Avoid liquids near equipment.  In the hot weather, desks are increasingly filled with cold drinks, suntan lotion, mist sprays etc.  Where creams etc are used, ensure to wash your hands before touching your keyboard.  A build up of residue and moisture can severely delay and/or damage your equipment.
  • Invest in professional cooling solutions for your server and/or devices. 

Email to protect your equipment from long-term heat damage and exposure to intense light.