TwentyFour IT Services Address Business Data Security

Businesses rely 100% on the data that they produce and store.  Emails, passwords, company accounts, content management information, product data, employee payroll are items of data which, falling into the wrong hands, has the potential to severely damage your business and your reputation.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) operates very stringent guidelines on how company data should be used, processed and stored.  It is important that small-midsize businesses understand how to correctly manage data, just as much as the larger institutions.

Company director Michael Smith commented,“In an effort to prepare our client base for the impact of the GDPR we are running a one-hour webinar workshop to help educate and increase understanding, of the necessary steps, business owners should consider taking, to prevent their business from being found in breach of the regulations.”

Human error plays a big part in the misuse of data.  It is key that businesses safeguard their data, by implementing appropriate solutions which help to prevent negligence, and deter the threat of attacks on their networks.

To register for the GDPR webinar, please email your company name and contact details to