Virtual Private Server (VPS)

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Maximise resources with cloud hosting of your network. A virtual server can save money and increase productivity in comparison to having the running costs and expense of a physical server onsite.

Businesses can still maintain full control of the server’s functionalities despite the data centre sitting on a virtual private server environment.

What’s important to understand is how your server is utilised and offer a more efficient use of power. Using a physical server to run several virtual machines is now a practice that many businesses are beginning to adopt because of the many benefits this can offer.

Benefit from:

  • Optimised server performance on your network
  • No requirement for multiple physical servers
  • Save on overall running costs and power
  • Minimal downtime
  • Scale to fit in with your business requirements

What a VPS Can Offer You

A virtual environment can save on space – most servers occupy a lot of area in an office or warehouse location. By cutting out the need to have multiple dedicated servers for each application or task, you can optimise one server to manage multiple virtual environments.

Should a single physical server fail it normally results in the entire server having to be replaced. With a virtual server, a second server can quickly assume its place, therefore not having to spend a lot of money on potentially replacing an entire physical server.

Server hard drive failures and server hardware in general, can cause slowness on the network resulting in unwanted downtime. A virtual server can offer a failover contingency plan to avoid disruption to your daily routine.

As with any physical IT infrastructure, servers eventually become obsolete; parts fail to keep working; parts fail and break. Virtual servers can run the same programmes and applications as were sitting on the physical server. This way, you don’t lose your data and do not have to worry about how much it might cost to upgrade your hardware.

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