What are your IT challenges in 2018?

It is important to plan, prioritise and budget for your IT requirements.  We recommend that at the end of each year, your systems undergo a full audit to check for improvements which need to be calculated for in the following year’s spend analysis.Below is a quick checklist for what you ought to consider.

Hardware and software upgrades

This includes laptops, desktops, servers, switches and cabling.  Programmes and applications should be checked too for length of compatibility and expiry date.

Network Performance

Are you losing valuable uptime as a result of outdated or out of warranty equipment and tools?

Data security

How effective is your current backup solution? Are you experiencing failed backups or dare I say it, do you know where your data is stored?

Are your IT systems properly protected against the increasing strains of malware and cyber attacks?

GDPR and compliance

It is essential your business understands the importance of the GDPR and the impact it is going to have on how your business operates.  Certified training and development is key to ensuring your staff and your customers can trust you with their data.

Engineering services

Nine times out of ten work will need to be completed, whether it is the install of new equipment; onsite audits; repair of equipment or anything else, it is always wise to budget for these eventualities.

No matter what your requirement, there is a solution for you, with TwentyFour IT Services.  With a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals, we can help you establish exactly what your IT priorities are, in order to help you to budget for these in your business forecast.

Email sales@twenty-four.it for information on how we can help you in 2018.