Why YOUR Business needs a Disaster Recovery Solution……

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Top 10 Reasons for Data Loss

  • Human Error
  • Theft
  • Malicious destruction
  • Cyber-Attack
  • Hardware Failure
  • Power Outages
  • Natural Disaster/Fire/Flood

Statistical Reality…..

On average
  • 24% of business have experienced a full data disaster at some point!
  • 50% of businesses DO NOT have a viable BDR solution
  • 50% of those that DO have only done so following a disaster, of which only 28%
  • have actually tested their solution!
  • 30% of businesses that experience a major fire will go out of business in
  • less than a year,
  • 70% will fail within 5 years!
  • 93% of companies that lose their data for 10 days or more will
  • face bankruptcy!

As a business you will no doubt have a continuity plan in place, due to the increase in new Cyber-Attacks we have experienced throughout our client base we have come to the realisation that in these infected cases, the clients IT infrastructure has not been given the appropriate consideration within that strategy. The information below outlines the practical importance of an effective Business Continuity Plan together with the IT industries – leading technology solution that enables Twenty four IT to protect your business.

Intelligent Business Continuity IT Solutions
A business continuity plan contains the strategy to continue business operations if adverse conditions or events occur, such as a storm, a fire, a crime or attack. The plan may include moving operations or recovering operations from/to another location if a disaster occurs at a worksite or office. For example if a fire destroys a warehouse building or office, then the people and business or office operations would be required to relocate to a recovery site in order to continue operations.
The plan could include recovering from different levels of disaster which can be anything from short term, localized disasters power/service outages etc. to days long building wide problems or even to a permanent loss of a building.

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