Will Brexit affect your business’s cyber security?

With the UK in turmoil over Brexit, businesses are expected to face new challenges as the UK faces many uncertainties. The result of Brexit is set to significantly impact cyber security.

As the UK prepares to leave the EU the issue of cyber security will become more complex and increasingly difficult. As the data the UK shares with the EU currently on information systems could fail to happen. This could expose the UK to possible threats from cyber criminals giving them a prime opportunity to target people and their businesses.
These criminals will take advantage of the fact that business’s will be focusing on the transitional issues they may face from the outcome of Brexit. Not ensuring you are prepared against these threats can have huge consequences on your business.
“58% of UK businesses can’t detect IT security breaches and 40% of SMEs wouldn’t know who to contact in the event of a cyber crime. The introduction of GDPR means that businesses are directly responsible for the protection of their clients’ data and they can incur massive fines if they’ve been found to be negligent.”(https://goo.gl/dGJhe2)
As a business have you asked yourself these questions?
  • Are you protecting your most valuable assets?
  • Are you aware of risks to your business?
  • If you have a cyber attack how soon would you be able to react?
  • What impact would an attack have on your business?
Cyber security is an ever present and increasingly important requirement for individuals and business alike. For further cyber security advice and support, Contact our team of IT experts for support and advice on how we can help protect you and your business.
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