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Windows 7 to Windows 10 Upgrade

When it will happen?

From the 14th January 2020 Window 7 will not longer have support. So, what happens after this date? Will you still be able to use your device if it is still running Windows 7? The answer is yes.

However, Microsoft will stop releasing security and other updates for the operating system.

So, what does this mean?

By not upgrading to Windows 10 after this date you will be doing so at your own risk. This is due to Microsoft not updating the software, so any security flaws exposed by hackers will no longer be picked up and fixed. You will be accountable for any loss of data and security breaches which you may occur while using Windows 7.

Is the cost of not upgrading worth losing your most important data or being at risk of having a cyber breach?

As the end for Windows 7 comes in to play less resources will be invested even before the support ends. This will mean it’s becoming less stable which can affect the performance of your devices. This also means you will become more susceptible to new malware which is a daily battle to contain. Making you an easy target to be exploited and gain your valuable information.

In today’s fast-moving society, devices, software and apps constantly need updating to keep them performing at optimum levels. With the life of Windows 7 coming to an end the developers of these programs will no longer use their resources to make them compatible with Windows 7. Therefore, you will be restricting yourself from the latest developments which in effect could be detrimental to your business growth.

Can I upgrade my existing Device?

You can use older systems when upgrading to Windows 10 but depending on the usage and ages of these they can simply be under powered and unstable, they’re often also under-equipped. This is because they don’t possess the features and functionality you’ll find in an up-to-date operating system.

So, while you can update your devices with Windows 10. This should be a short-term measure and assessed by your IT specialist where they can inform you whether your device is suitable for the update.  ­


Your device will not stop working after January 2020. However it’s better to stay protected from potential threats and cyber attacks by migrating to Windows 10. While, if you are a business owner or an individual, why not opt for an upgrade rather than paying a huge cost for the extended support?

If you need information or assistance with transferring over to Windows 10

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