World Back Up Day – 31st March 2019

“Almost 4 million UK businesses could be at risk of losing their data due to inadequate or even non-existent backup practices.”

World Back Up Day isn’t the only day you should back up your files. In today’s modern world this is an essential practise for any business to part take in on a regular basis. Failing to do so could have huge ramifications on your business. So, we would like to remind you all to make sure you have backed up your data/files and have a plan in place to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.
Have you ever lost a piece of work off your computer? Imagine if you lost weeks or even months’ worth of work, customer records or financial data? Would your business survive? The truth is your data can be lost in so many different ways through a network outage, a virus, cyber hacking or even physical damage to your working environment. So, when was the last time you backed up your data? Every single day businesses are affected by the loss of data. This can have crippling consequences on your business.
You may think that you need to just protect yourself just from cyber criminals? BUT Remember your employee’s can put your data at risk as well. This can be from losing data from loss of computers, mobiles devices and documents. ” 91% of employees said they had not accidentally leaked company data.” This suggests that employees are unaware of  them being the accidental perpetrators of insider breaches. This can make your business vulnerable to outside threats.
In the event of any of the above happening a backup can ensure your files are restored allowing you to carry on with the day to day running of your business without too much disruption.
Our Top Tips for Keeping Your Data Safe
  • Keep Your Data Organised – Having your data where it is supposed to be allows you to keep track of what is missing and where it can be retrieved from.
  • Determine Which Files Need to Be Protected – Prioritise the data which is crucial for your business. Because in the event of an attack you need to know what information is vital for your business to survive.
  • Create an Off-Site Backup System – If any physical damage happens to your working environment an offsite back up ensures you will be able to retrieve the information no matter where you are.
  • Automate Your Backup Procedures – Make sure your files are backing up on a regular basis. This should be an automated process but just double check this process is running.
  • Ensure Continuity Throughout the Business – Ensuring all employee are aware of the procedures in place to ensure your backups are effectively done.
The reason for World Backup Day is to remind everyone that having duplicates of information is integral to the success and recovery of this data. From eliminating the threat of ransomware to surviving a natural disaster, backups keep you protected and productive. Don’t underestimate the value of making sure you have protected your data.
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