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Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP phones look the same, and often have the same features, as a landline desk phone. However VoIP uses the internet instead of a traditional phone line. This is because it transmits voice data in packet.  This is done by using IP rather than the traditional phone line.

So why use VoIP?


It’s easy to add, move or change phone extensions and locations. Therefore it saves money and gives you more flexibility on where you can work.


Employees can easily communicate through voice, video chat, web conference, and instant messaging. With this  employees can collaborate using each technology either individually or all of them simultaneously.

Cost Effective

With a VoIP System in place there is no need for a traditional telephone line. This allows calls to be made for free, or a very low cost.

Remote Working

Your employees can use it from home or on the road.

Easy Access to Data

By using the wireless IP, phones can connect users to the communications system and data resources. This allows access to customer information from any location.

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