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Here at TwentyFour making sure your business is protected is one of our main priorities.

Making sure your website is secure is essential. If your site isn’t secure it can be the perfect environment for people to access sensitive data from your site. Having a data breach can have serious implications on your business in the short term but also the long term as people will lose trust in you.

Different Types of Security

Secure Socket Layer is a secure measure which is essential to protecting your websites from security breaches. Your website can contain valuable personal data which can be vulnerable to hackers. The padlock located in the address bar will provide your customers with the assurance that your website can be trusted, and their private information is safe with you.

Every website needs to be hosted online. Essentially it needs an address to live at. You can’t have an active and live site without a domain. We can help you register your domain, update an existing one and safeguard it with our privacy and protection services.

Ensuring your website has antivirus is essential. We will check your website for malware, phishing exploits and other threats it may be susceptible too. Our antivirus software will offer you protection from different types of to keep your website secure.

These are your first line of defence against an attack it monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a defined set of security rules.

Making sure your emails are safe is vital. They can contain highly confidential information which needs to be protected. We will put measures in place to filter and secure the access and content of them. We will continuously manage and track the threat of cyber-attacks to ensure your mailboxes are working as efficiently as possible.

Cryptolocker will encrypt your files with a password and not tell you this until you have paid them for a ransom fee. This can happen in various ways the most common ways this can happen is through your emails, usually through unsafe attachments. It can also happen through file sharing sites and downloads from the internet. We can help to protect you so you don’t become compromised.

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